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Per Filorga

March 5, 2024  -  Choose your product

Do you want to discover FILORGA’s skincare but don’t know where to begin? You’re already a fan but want to rediscover our iconic products? Here is an overview of the brand essentials you need in your bathroom!

Our OPTIM-EYES eye contour cream is a perfect beauty saviour for revitalised eyes in the morning! In just 10 years, it has become one of FILORGA’s bestsellers and the hero product for women and men who want fresh eyes. To diminish dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, apply OPTIM-EYES in the morning and evening all over the eye contour area, smoothing from the inner corner outwards, then pat.

Did you know? One OPTIM-EYES product is sold every three minutes in France!**

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Looking for an all-round product that provides visible effectiveness on all the signs of ageing, including dehydration, established wrinkles, lack of firmness, sagging facial contours, uneven skin tone and a tired complexion? The must-have GLOBAL-REPAIR cream and its three super nutrients [Ceramides + Omegas + Vitamins] do it all by working in synergy to restore suppleness and vitality to devitalised skin.

Did you know? With its 24-hr boosted action, GLOBAL-REPAIR can be used as a day cream and also as a sleeping mask at night.

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Are you (sadly!) used to only getting a short night’s sleep? NCEF-NIGHT MASK to the rescue! After a challenging day, give yourself a moment of relaxation by applying NCEF-NIGHT MASK and enjoy its incredible gel texture. What are the key results? A radiant complexion in the morning and rested features!

Did you know? The core formula contains NCEF, a unique encapsulation technology, developed by FILORGA and incorporated into almost all our products.*** It helps to diffuse a combination of hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients used in injections into the skin to fight the signs of ageing. The products in our NCEF-REVERSE range contain an even higher concentration of NCEF than the rest of our skincare!

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The newest product in the LIFT-STRUCTURE range, LIFT-STRUCTURE RADIANCE tackles a lack of firmness, loss of volume and tired features with Plasmatic Lifting Factors. It also targets an uneven skin tone and a dull complexion with Plasmatic Lifting Factors and the CHROMA-YOUTH 3T technology. A 2-in-1 pink fluid for unbeatable effectiveness. 92% of women say that their skin seems smoother and 100% think their skin looks more radiant!****

Did you know? With its pink shade, LIFT-STRUCTURE RADIANCE suits all tones and enhances the skin’s natural radiance.


* Instrumental measurements – 39 subjects – 47% reduction in the depth of crow’s feet and frown wrinkles after 56 days of twice-daily application.

** In-house calculation – Based on Sell-out France IQVIA, MAT August 2019 in health and beauty stores and pharmacies – volume.

*** Excluding sheet masks, sun products and cleansers.

**** Self-assessment – 37 volunteers, results after 28 days of application in the morning.