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July 17, 2024  -  Tutorials and advice

The unwanted enemies of radiant eyes, dark circles can appear at any age and any time of life. Whether it’s lack of sleep, poor lifestyle or stress, several factors can explain their appearance. Here is our advice to rediscover radiant eyes. 


Poor blood and lymphatic circulation, short nights, genetics, lack of care etc., the appearance of dark circles can be caused by multiple factors. If we add to this the fact that skin is four times thinner in this area and it becomes more delicate with age, we’re left with the perfect blend of a darkened and tired look.

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To correct dark circles and reduce bags under the eyes, it’s important to maintain a few good beauty habits: 

Don’t forget to remove your make-up

The appearance of dark circles can be caused by the accumulation of pigments and impurities that develop during the day and darken the eyes and lower eyelids. Therefore, removing your make-up is an essential step to avoid dark circles appearing too quickly. 

Take care of your skin

To restore radiance to our eyes and diminish dark circles, we recommend eye contour products that are rich in vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. While the Vitamin C will help the production of collagen, the hyaluronic acid will help to plump up the area. 

Another beauty tip is to use chilled products, as this can help to promote micro-circulation. So feel free to put your skincare products in the refrigerator for a fresh effect on the skin. 

 Adopt a good skincare routine

Having a good eye contour product is good, but knowing how to apply it well is even better. When we apply our skincare, it can be helpful to stimulate the micro-circulation of the vessels with a light massage. To achieve this, light pressure is applied to the entire eye contour area, following the bone structure, for 1 to 2 minutes. Next, massage from the inside to the outside, then tap lightly to stimulate the eye contour area. This should be repeated morning and night when applying our skincare products for greater effectiveness.