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How to choose the right night cream

Per Filorga

March 5, 2024  -  Choose your product

Day and night, your skin needs the right care. Therefore, choosing the product that corresponds to the needs of your skin and will bring you the desired result night after night is essential. Here, we offer you some advice on how to choose your night cream.


Every evening, removing your make-up and washing your face isn’t enough to allow your skin to regenerate itself. As such, deep and continuous hydratation is the key to health skin.

A night cream with moisturising active ingredients is a must. A light, non-sticky texture is recommended. You can also complement this skincare product with other active ingredients to obtain the desired result.

  • Do you want to reduce your wrinkles, fine lines and signs of skin ageing? Choose a night cream with hyaluronic acid which will help to visibly reduce all types of wrinkles. Your skin will look smooth and you will have a fresh complexion as soon as you wake up.
  • Is your complexion dull and irregular when you wake up? A night cream with a peeling effect will boost cell renewal and refine skin texture for a bright complexion in the morning.
  • Does your skin lack elasticity and firmness? Choose a cream with a lifting effect and amino acids that will allow you to redefine and shape your face, as well as giving you more toned and firmer skin.

To complete your evening beauty routine, you can also apply a serum before your night cream. But if so, make sure it provides additional benefit.