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How can you use a serum effectively?

Per Filorga

March 4, 2024  -  Tutorials and advice

Serum is a great ally for the skin, but it is often overlooked in the beauty routines of European women. As well as responding to the specific needs of skin, it works in total harmony with other skincare products. Here are a few explanations for how to use it correctly.

Why choose a serum?

Just like a day cream or an eye contour treatment, which are both bathroom essentials, a serum is a beauty tool that shouldn’t be neglected in our routine. As well as being an intensive treatment with a higher concentration of active ingredients, a serum also prepares the skin to receive your skincare products while reinforcing its effectiveness. Therefore, it is essential to choose a serum that matches your skin type and its needs. If you want to add firmness to the skin and reduce wrinkles, use an anti-ageing serum with hyaluronic acid. If you want to reduce spots and even out your complexion, choose a serum containing vitamin C instead.

How to apply your serum

A serum can be applied morning and/or evening to clean skin before using a day/night cream in order to boost the effectiveness of the product applied afterwards. Only a few drops of serum are needed for the active ingredients to be absorbed quickly. Then, massage outwards by exerting pressure on the face to drain and stimulate circulation. Once dry, you can apply your daily skincare